Not to be outdone by her brother, Tobias.....we can now add beautiful Isis to our list of Champions for the year!  Yes ,indeed!!   On Sunday, December 11th, she and her mom, Alex Thomas, brought home a Best of Winners win at the Miami dog show, earning that last point needed to complete her championship!  Isis has been owner handled the whole way, and we're so very proud of this team!!

  She is now CH Kengali Isis Dulcis of Terra Crista!!!

Christmas Comes Early!

We are celebrating our NEWEST CHAMPION - our 3rd this year!!  Introducing......


Toby finished in style this weekend at the Beaufort Kennel Club in Savannah, GA.  Thanks to Matt Coughlin and Sharon Turner who both handled Toby for us!  He is the first from our Sachi/Spirit litter to finish and we're confident his brother, Jethro, and sisters Isis, Mbali and Maile will follow in his footsteps real soon!  Sharon also showed our youngster, Diva, Kengali's Matahari Diamond Diva, in her first shows this weekend.  She was Reserve Winners three of the days and Winners Bitch one day, earning her first point!  Diva apparently has a Fan Club already, so we have great expectations for her to continue showing well in the New Year!

We also had another GREAT coursing weekend!  Esme competed in her second weekend of ASFA trials and won the Open class both days and was Best of Breed on Sunday,  earning 36 points and two first places towards her Field Champion title.

Ocala Supported Shows, 2011

Our annual 4 day RRCUS Supported Show in Ocala was held November 17 - 20 this year and our Kengali pups ROCKED!  What an unbelievable weekend for us and our puppy owners!

On Thursday, our young pup, Legend, made his show debut and won Best In Sweepstakes.  His parents are our Jami girl and Skipper, CH Westwood's Captain in Command, owned and loved by John and Mary Bernie in California.  His brother, Victor, and sister, Khaleesi, also were entered, and while they didn't win, they sure  made a great showing!  Jethro showed well and was Reserve Winner's Dog, but the star of the day was our Mischa girl who won Winner's Bitch for a 4 point major and now just needs 2 singles to  finish! 

On Friday, Legend won Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes and I was thrilled that he was also Reserve Winner's dog to a 4 point major!! I'm sure this boy is going to go far!!  Next, Jethro won the Best Bred by Exhibitor award!   In the girl department, our Tori girl was Reserve Winner's Bitch and Isis won Winner's Bitch for a 4 point major and needs just one more point to finish.  She is from our Sachi/Spirit litter, Jethro's sister, and is owned and loved by Alex Thomas and her family.

On Saturday, Legend stayed home....two days was enough for this youngster!  In Sweepstakes, Kengali's Mia, owned and loved by Patricia Olivera, won Best of Opposite!!  Very proud of both of them, as this was the first show for both of them!  I see bright things ahead for them!!  In the regular classes, Legend's littermate, Victor, won Best Puppy!  He's owned and loved by Alex Thomas and Ray Scott.  Today was Jethro's day, tho!  Winner's Dog and Best of Winners for a 5 point major!   Isis was Reserve Winner's Bitch, as well.

On Sunday, we didn't do any winning, but were glad for our friends whose dogs did win!  It was a fantastic weekend that we all enjoyed, celebrating our wins, as well as losses, good food and time well spent with all of our Ridgeback friends!

Up next......Orlando and Eukanuba!!!!

Fall Show Time!

October 15th and 16th - Greater Venice Dog Club

Chyna and Sharon ROCKED!!  On Saturday, Chyna won Best of Breed over some really nice specials AND a Group 3!  What a team!  On Sunday She was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite.  She now has 9 points and just needs those two majors to finish.

October 23rd - Sunshine State Coursing Club

Had another great weekend of coursing!  This time out, Chyna and Tori came along for the fun and WOW!  Did they ever have a good time!  They easily passed their qualifying runs and went on to compete in the trial.  We  had a huge entry both days and on Sunday, Tori ended up winning Best of Breed and a 5 point major!  Chyna came in third place and won 2 points.  Looks like we have a couple more fabulous bunny chasers in the family!


November 6th and 7th - Lake Eustis Kennel Club

On Saturday, our little Charm puppy was entered in the new junior puppy competition for 4 -6 mos old puppies.  He won Best of Breed AND a Group One and shows all the signs of being a great little show pup!  Will work for food, for sure!


On Sunday, Tori won Best of Winners, adding two more points towards her conformation championship.  Very proud of our little girl!  Now we need to work on those majors for her, too!


October is here and Fall is FINALLY in the air!  We had beautiful cooler weather here in Florida this past weekend and started the month of with a BOATLOAD of show successes..all over the country!

Up in NY on Long Island, Paul and Maile showed and she won on Friday, adding another point to her record!  She's really coming in to her own now, maturing nicely and as a team they're getting more polished every show!  Now that our circuit is starting here in FL, we have great expectations for this dynamic duo!!!

In VA, Annika and Scott brought Mbali out to a local show, hoping to surprise me with some good news....and they did!  Annika showed Mbali herself and put another single on her record on Friday, too!  GREAT JOB!!!  We'll be getting Mbali down here this month, too, to finish out the year here, and hopefully, her championship, too!

Sharon Turner took Tobi and Chyna up to Nashville this weekend for the shows there with more great success!  They both won both days and on Saturday, Chyna was also Best of Breed, beating two specials, one being her cousin, Naiomi!  THAT was a surprise...and not part of the plan! 

........and back home in FL, I took Tori and Charm to the IABCA International shows.  The little man is just 3 1/2 months old, but they have puppy competition at these shows, so I thought, what the heck?!  It'll be good experience for him!  HAH!  He surpassed even my belief in him, not only winning Best of Breed Puppy and Best Bred by Exhibitor Hound puppy...he went on to win TWO Best in Shows!   One for best bred by exhibitor puppy and then, overall BIS puppy!!  So proud of him!  He certainly has that "look at ME" show attitude and struts his stuff, even at this tender age!  As the judges all said....I'm going to have a LOT of fun with this boy!  By the end of the weekend he earned his National Championship and International Puppy Championship with IABCA.   And last...but CERTAINLY not least...our Tori girl outdid herself, as well!  She won Best of Breed and two Group Ones, Best Bred By Exhibitor Adult and now has her International Champion title!

I also have to add our wins from LAST weekend, up in Deland!  Jethro was Winner's dog and Best of Winners on Sunday, and Tori was Winner's bitch, followed by Chyna taking Reserve.    Yep!  The fall show season is off and running!!

The Chase is ON!

September 10th and 11th
Florida Horse Park, Ocala

ESME zoomin' to a great finish!

September is here and fall is in the air!  Really!!  Our fall Lure Coursing season started this weekend, September 10th and 11th and got off to a great start.  Our local club, Sunshine State Coursing Club, had a huge entry of sighthounds for this AKC event, plus 60 dogs of various breeds there for their Coursing Aptitude Tests (CATs).  It was a lovely weekend, altho still a bit on the warm side....ok, so it was HOT!  Still, we had a few clouds, a nice breeze and plenty of shady oak trees to gather under.  Baraka's grandson, Riffe, loved and owned by Ross Johnson, won Best of Breed on Saturday for a 5 point major!  On Sunday, it was Esme's turn and she won a 3 point major!  We all had a great time and are looking forward to our next event in October!

Chyna & Toby do Raleigh!

ROAD TRIP!!!  September 2nd thru 5th - Chyna and Toby  hit the trail again, heading to Raleigh, NC with Sharon Turner for a 4 day weekend.  We're THRILLED to say they had an awesome weekend!  Chyna was Winner's Bitch and Best of Winner's on Friday, earning her first two points!  Toby was Reserve Winners!    Chyna was Reserve Winners on Saturday and Sunday, and Toby won Winner's Dog, Best of Winner's and Best of Opposite Sex over Specials for his 3rd Major Win!  Then, on Monday, the both won with  Chyna taking Best of Winners!!  We'll have their win photos posted soon....but here are couple of them back at home, relaxing on the farm!  Thanks again to Sharon for another job well done and to our judges, Mrs. Theresa Hundt, Mrs. Barbara Alderman and Mr. Bill Shelton.

Toby - Best of Winners, Best of Opposite   Major Win

Chyna - Winner's Bitch

Another GREAT Weekend!

Carolina Kennel Club shows - August 13th and 14th

Saturday - our Maile girl, owned by Susanne and Paul Paskins and shown by Paul, wins Winner's Bitch!

Sunday - it's Toby's turn and it's a Major win!  He now has both his majors and needs to work on those singles!

Great job, Matt and Paul!!  Thanks to Judges Roberta Campbell and James Reynolds for these awards!!

Here's to Mbali!!!


Thanks to our friend, Lisa McElroy, for that moniker!!

Update...Another GREAT weekend for Mbali and Sharon!

August 7 - Roanoke Kennel Club - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex - MAJOR WIN!!!
Thanks to Judge Frank Sabella for awarding her this win!

photo by Scott Caldwell

July 7 - Cactocin Kennel Club - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex
July 8 - Northeastern Maryland KC - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex
July 10 - National Capital Kennel Club - Winner's Bitch

Mbali is now singled out and just needs her majors to finish! 
CONGRATS to Annika, Scott and Sharon!!!!

Yes!  Our Sachi/Spirit litter is certainly living up to all of our expectations!!  Our beautiful girl, Mbali, has now joined her sibs in the show ring and is the 5th puppy from our Sachi/Spirit litter to become pointed, and like her brothers and sisters, we know she'll finish in style!  Mbali is co-owned and loved by our dear friends, Annika and Scott Caldwell and is being handled by Sharon Turner. 
GREAT JOB, EVERYONE, and thanks to Judges Dr. Anne Gallant, Sonny Ambrosio, Dr. Andrea Bradford, Gary Doerge, Frank McCartha, Carol Duffy and JoAnn Buehler for recognizing this beautiful young girl!

June 30 - Potomac Kennel Club - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex
July 1 - Southern Maryland KC - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex
July 3 - Rock Creek Kennel Club - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex
July 4 - Rock Creek Kennel Club - Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex

photo  by Scott Caldwell


6*26*11  Orlando Summer Cluster 

Mischa wins her first major - 5 pts! 

Mischa and Matt had an excellent turn in the ring today with a huge Ridgeback entry and they looked awesome!  Judge Patricia Trotter was quick and decisive in her picks and we were thrilled when she pointed to Mischa as Winners Bitch and Best of Winners!

Additionally, Rhonda Johnson's boy, Zane, who we pictured below with his major win in Vero Beach back in May,  was Winner's Dog today and also yesterday, earning TWO 5 point majors and finishing his championship at the tender age of 10 months!  We're very proud of him and his accomplishments!!


April 30th - May 1st!  Vero Beach.....W O W!!!!

CH Kengali's Leap of Faith, SC   "FINN"!!

What an incredible show weekend we had!  On Saturday, puppy Zane, at 8 mos. old won a 4 point major!  His moms, Alex Thomas and Rhonda Johnson were thrilled!  Zane's mom, Sheba, is a Baraka daughter bred by Alex and owned by Ray Scott.  His sire is our boy, Derba.  He's a gorgeous big boy who is turning heads already!  Then.....Alex's girl, Isis won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, earning her a 4 point major, too!  Isis is from our Sachi/Spirit litter and is now the 4th pup pointed from this litter.  And not for nothing.....Tobias and Mischa were both Reserve Winners.

Zane with mom, Rhonda and Isis with mom, Alex

Sunday was truly our day, tho!!  Our gorgeous hunka hunka love, Finn, finished his championship with a 4 point major, shown by his dad, Matt Coughlin.  Finn knew he was hot today and he strutted his stuff around the ring!  So very proud of this boy and Matt and Denise!   Now he gets the summer off and can continue his quest for his Field Champion title on the coursing field.  As if that wasn't enough...Isis and Alex had a repeat performance and she was Best of Winners and now has both her majors under her belt!  Mischa was also Reserve today, as well.

New Champion - FINN!!

I also have added Maile's win photo from April 9th at the Jacksonville shows, where she won Winner's Bitch both days for her first two points!  She is the third pup pointed from our Sachi/Spirit litter and is proudly shown by her dad, Paul Paskins!!  They're learning together and doing a great job!!  AND... altho Alex showed Zane in his class win on Saturday, she had another dog she had to show, so Paul got drafted last minute to show Zane, and handled him to his win!! 

GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!  This is one for the record book and we're so proud of all of you!!!

More Coursing Fun!!

April 16 and 17, 2011  SSCC Field Trials, Altoona, FL

A bunch of fellow Ridgebackers got together for a great weekend of racing and good eats!   Esme, Strider and Deja were entered and also stepped up to run Qualifying Tests for 3 new hopefuls.  Paula Alshouse's boy, Deputy, passed with flying colors, as did Joan Lipiac's boy, Jambo!!  Annie Johnson's girl, Mosa, passed, but the jury is still out as to whether she's in it to win it!!  All went on to compete in the trial, along with speed demon, Zuri, who belongs to Robin Sasso.   In addition to the regular trial, we had 43 dogs of various breeds running for their CAT (Coursing Aptitude Test) titles.  This is a new program from the AKC - for more details, check out the AKC website!   Only 4 of the dogs trying for their CAT failed to get excited over chasing the bunny.  The rest were awesome and had great fun, as did their owners!  The weather was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and we all had a super time!  Between our two runs, we had a great picnic lunch back at our vehicles - YUM!!!  On Saturday, Zuri won Best of Breed, Jambo came in 2nd place and Esme was 3rd. 

Sunday saw us back again, bright and early!  No CAT tests today, so we all got right down to it and we finished the trial by 12:30!!  Sunday was Esme's day!  She won Best of Breed and came darn close to winning Best in Field!  After a tie with the Greyhound, BIF was awarded to the Greyhound, but the judge said it was a close decision!  Maybe next time!  This is our last trial until the cooler Fall weather arrives.

Celebrating Our First Champion of 2011!

CONGRATULATIONS to Liz Mask and her girl, Naiomi
as they celebrate her latest win and championship in Franklin, TN, 3/12/11!
And to complete the day, she won Best of Breed over several beautiful Specials!

She is now
CH Kengali's Naiomi of the Highland Rim, CGC TD JC

Liz and Naiomi and her best bud, Salome, are 3 busy girls!  Not only do they compete in Conformation, they compete in Tracking and Lure Coursing and I hear Agility is in the future, too!  Never a dull moment in that household!  We wish them the best of luck as Liz pursues Grand Champion titles on both girls as they continue this year in the show ring as Specials.

You've done us PROUD!!!!!

Here are some more pictures of our girl, photos courtesy of Liz!

Mischa's Big Day!!

Saturday, March 6, 2011 Hilton Head Island Kennel Club 
Mischa is awarded Winners Bitch and Best of Breed!

This beautiful girl is certainly living up to our expectations and is doing us proud!!

Thanks to Judge Patricia Trotter for this recognition and to Matt Coughlin for handling her!  Well Done!

Lure Coursing FUN!!

February 26th and 27th - Sunshine State Coursing Club - AKC Lure Coursing Trials

We had a GREAT weekend of coursing here in sunny Florida!  The weather was PERFECT, the location was PERFECT and the relaxing, fun-filled time spent with friends, old and new, was PERFECT!

This was Deja's first time out to see if she would join the ranks of our fabulous "bunny chasers."  Esme, Strider and Finn also were there to run, along with other friends and their dogs.  I had decided to run Deja in the Junior Courser tests, since she's never done this before.  She started off with a bang in her test yesterday, but quickly decided this was B O R I N G and came back to me!  Today, I decided to run her in the Qualifying Test, which is what dogs need to complete first in order to compete in the actual trial.  I tested her with Esme and she FLEW around that course, totally in to it!  She was then entered in the trial and had two awesome runs, earning her FIRST place which was a 4 point major!  Esme came in 2nd place for 2 points towards her title - she now has 5, and Strider came in 3rd for 1 point towards his - he now has 4 total.  VERY PROUD of all three of my guys!!!  A few pictures are posted here, but you can see the rest from both days on our Facebook page!

Deja racing in for the win!

Toby's Big Day!!

February 20th, SaraBay Kennel Club
Tobias - KENGALI'S DOUBLE NAUGHT SPY - wins a 3 pt major!
This was Toby's first weekend of showing, 2nd day in the ring, no "real" training yet....and our judge, Mr. Sonny Ambrosio loved him!  He's a real level headed pup and takes everything in stride.  He's the third pup from our Sachi/Spirit litter to be pointed.  Toby is co-owned and was shown by co-owner,  Matt Coughlin. Huge thanks to Mr. Ambrosio for this great start to Toby's show career!  
The picture below is of Toby and me, followed by brother, Jethro (with Scott Caldwell) then his sister, Mbali (with owner, Annika Caldwell) and Maile ( with her daddy, Paul Paskins). 

A Westminster Tale...Two!

February 14th, 2011....BEST VALENTINE EVER!!!

This was our second Westminster adventure.....we were here in 2009 with Sachi, who still says she'd have rather stayed home on the farm than go to the cement jungle!  The Best of Breed winner that year was Spirit - MBIS CH Adili's American Idol.  This year it was his daughter's turn to go...our beloved Esme!  And she ROCKED!  Ridgebacks had the largest entry - 56! - and Esme was the only bitch to win an Award of Merit.  Our judge, Mr. Espen Engh who is from Norway, took a lot of time examining all the dogs thoroughly and for us, it was well worth the wait!  Esme showed her heart out....I think the dogs sense the excitement of this show.  The crowd, the cheering, the all makes for a truly awesome experience!  Enjoy our pictures of the entire trip below!
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