Savannah Sojourn

There's  nothing like a four day getaway to a beautiful city with friends!  Alex, Annie and I headed up to Savannah the end of November for a four day dog show and mini vacation.  We had a wonderful time staying in a cozy little cottage just a few blocks away from Forsyth Park.  We accomplished all we had hoped to at the dog show - Victor was Best of Winners all four days, and Mhaya, Phoebe and Khaleesi all won their first conformation points!  Jethro earned his first Grand Champion points two of the days, as well!  We had plenty of time to explore the area, eat in awesome restaurants and play tourist with the dogs.  As always - they were a hit, wherever we took them!  We certainly look forward to making this trip an annual event!


Introducing our handsome boy, "VICTOR", who is Legend, Khaleesi and Selena's brother!  Victor is certainly living up to his name, too!  He's doing us proud and turning heads right and left in the show ring and just needs one more point to earn his championship!  Victor is an absolute sweetheart and gentleman - loves everybody!  He is co-owned by Ray Scott and Alessandra Thomas and lives with Ray here in Florida.  He has totally lived up to our expectations and we look forward to his continuing adventures!


2012 RRCUS National Specialty

Our National Specialty was held here in sunny Orlando this year from November 8th - 14th.  What a fun filled week full of beautiful dogs!  We started out with our Lure Coursing trial on the 8th...and despite some beautiful previous performances, our Khaleesi girl was a little off that day, so did not win anything...same went for darlin' Diva.  Oh, well!  Some days we win...some days we don't!   On Sunday, the conformation sweepstakes classes were held, along with the very popular Best Ridge contest.  Our little puppy, Mhaya, who is co-owed and shown by Annie Johnson placed 4th in her class which is an awesome placement at a specialty show!  And Diva later came thru for us being a Finalist in the Best Ridge Contest!  On Monday, it was conformation day for the dogs....and I was thrilled beyond words when Legend won the Open Dog class!  VERY special, indeed!  On Tuesday, Annie and Mhaya had a repeat performance placing 4th in the 9-12 puppy bitch class - HUGE placement for both of them!  Then Sharon Turner and her young girl, Sienna (Irie x Strider pup), won the  12-15 puppy bitch class!  Another beautiful team placement!  On Wednesday, the last day, it was Best of Breed competition - around 110 dogs competing for Best of Breed!  I showed Jethro, and as nice as he is, he didn't make any placement, but I got a lot of compliments on him and was very proud of my boy!  It was a girl's day again, tho!!  Both of Liz Mask's girls, Selena and Naiomi, made the first cut and went on to round 2!  Selena didn't go on, but Naiomi did and made it all the way to the final round!  She was STUNNING!  She didn't win any placement, but just to go as far as she did was thrilling...and then some!  So very proud of our pups and their wonderful owners who have done such a great job in raising well trained dogs!!!  HERE'S TO YOU, LADIES!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!!


Our beautiful, talented Khaleesi girl finished her AKC Field Champion title today, also winning Best of Breed....what a way to finish! Our ridgeback club, Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, in conjunction with our parent club, RRCUS, held our first three day AKC field trail up in High Springs, FL.  Despite the threat of Hurricane Sandy...which just gave us some much appreciated cool, BREEZY weather...we had a wonderful turnout and great fun!  Khaleesi looked beautiful today as she ran around the field - she LIVES to course, and today, she brought it home!  A 3 point major, finishing her championship in just three weekends of coursing!  WOW!  So proud of our little Dragon!!

October Coursing!

Our beautiful...but still sometimes hot!....fall weather is here and we have a fun filled month of coursing ahead!  As in EVERY weekend!!  HOORAY!  We are LOVIN' it!

On October 7th, we went to the GOGLCA trial in Brooksville...and oh, yeah!  It was HOT HOT HOT!  August, anyone?  Thankfully, the clouds came in later in the afternoon which helped a lot!!  Diva and Khaleesi got to run and were pretty much neck and neck both runs!  Still...Diva  managed to edge out Khaleesi for 1st place by two points and Khaleesi came in second, earning their first points towards their ASFA Field Champion title.  Way to go, girls!!   

On October 13th and 14th, we went to SSCC's ASFA trial in Altoona.  It was to be Diva and Tori's weekend out.  WELL!  During roll call, come to find out, Diva is in heat!  Like totally unexpected!  Never thought to check her out that morning.  No problem - took her home and brought Khaleesi back, otherwise the weekend would have been a total bust.  Tori has decided that bunny chasing is NOT her fun thing to do anymore....she prefers the real thing, especially squirrels.  She made a couple of halfhearted attempts both days, but it's safe to say I'll be letting her stay home if that's what she wants!  Khaleesi, on the other hand is manic about chasing the bunny and had two great days of running.  She won Open both days and Best of Breed on Saturday!


Late in September, in MUCH NEED of some cooler fall weather, we packed up the van and headed up to Long Island for a little vacation.  Charm, Khaleesi, Rowan and some sweet puppies bound for their new homes and I made the trip with ease - quite an adventure!  We had shows in St. James and Oyster Bay to attend, good times with friends and many romps on the beach to look forward to.  Jen and Neal and their family made room for all of us and we quickly settled in.

Our first show on Friday morning was....well, in a word.... WET!  Pouring down rain, thunder and lightening made for a soggy beginning!  Two of our up and coming puppies were also in attendance:  Kahara, who is owned and loved by Gary Koenig from Long Island and Jafari who is owned by Mary Michael Booth and her husband, Buzz, drove all the way from Chicago to join the fun.  Despite the downpour, we had a great time, Charm won Winners Dog and the pups showed well for their first time in the ring.  We had a repeat performance on Saturday...with a little less rain in the forecast.

On Sunday the sun came out and we headed to Oyster Bay for the third show at the Planting Fields Arboretum.   What a beautiful location...and it appears this is the shooting location for the upcoming movie, "Noah's Ark", due out in March 2014.  Nope....we didn't get to see Russell Crowe who is starring in it!  This day, tho, was Kahara's turn!  He is being shown by his trainer, Kat Baptiste, and she was thrilled beyond words when the judge pointed to her and said those magic words:  "WINNERS DOG!"  She hasn't been in the show ring in over 10 years when she competed in Juniors, but I think she's gotten bit by the show bug again!  Looking forward to great things from this young team!

Once the shows were over, it was time for some fun with family and friends and romps on the beach!  On Monday, Jen and I headed out East on the island to tour the vineyard and farm country - Long Island is SO beautiful!  Tuesday it was a day on the south shore with Gary and Kahara and playing on the beach at Fire Island. 

Following are some of my favorite pictures from our trip - ENJOY!


September 22nd and 23rd - West Volusia Kennel Club, Deland, FL

What a wild and crazy weekend we had!  Late Friday evening, a freaky microburst storm came ROARING thru our property and in a matter of seconds, a HUGE 40' tall pine tree came crashing down, with the top of it just barely brushing the side of our house!  The Good Lord was certainly looking out for us - no damage to the house or any of our animals!  The horse barn wasn't so lucky...a dead tree pretty much caved in the roof, but again...the horses weren't hurt, thank God!  And yes...the barn definitely was in need of a face lift, so it got moved up on the To Do list!

So despite the mess in the yard we were facing, off we went to the shows bright and early Saturday morning!  Jethro needed one point to finish his championship, Tori needed one more major win, as did Diva.  Our judge, Ms. Monica Canestrini, awarded Jethro Winners Dog and Best of Winners, giving him his third major - 4 points and NEW CHAMPION!  He is now the 5th champion from Sachi's first litter (Spirit - MBIS CH Adili's American Idol is the sire) which will give Sachi her Register of Merit award from RRCUS!  And we weren't done!  With Sharon Turner's awesome presentation, Tori ALSO finished her championship with a 4 point major!  Talk about being on Cloud 9! a really special treat and family affair....little 7 mos old Mhaya, who is Tori and Jethro's daughter, made her first show debut with her mom, Annie Johnson showing her.  They were in a very competitve class of 3 and Mhaya won the class!  Annie and Mhaya are going to do really well together in the ring this upcoming year and I couldn't be more proud of them!  Our Cooper boy and his mom, Lisa, also competed this weekend, and while he didn't win, they also made a good showing and we know he has many wins coming his way, too!

Sunday morning we were back at the show....Tori and Jethro got to sit this one out, so Diva got to go alone.  And it was HER day to shine!!!  Our judge, Mr. Nathanial Horn, picked her right out and not only awarded her Winners Bitch for a 4 point major, he gave her Best of Opposite Sex and Best Bred By Exhibitor!

Needless to doesn't get any better than this!  3 new champions in a weekend....WOW WOW WOW!!!  STILL trying to process it all!
Pictures will be posted as soon as we get them!!


Summer is almost over and so is our hibernation!  YEAH!!  After a quiet couple of months, September is here and our fall show and coursing season has started up! And BOY!  Did it start with a BANG!  September 8th and 9th we had our first AKC coursing event of the season, and Khaleesi and Diva made their debut.  They both passed their qualifying runs with flying colors Saturday morning and went on to run in the trial.  We had a big entry - 10 ridgebacks in the Open Class and 2 in the Field Champion class.  The girls were SMOKIN'!!  At the end of the day, Khaleesi came in first place for a 5 point major and Diva came in second place, earning 3 points!  Then...Khaleesi went on to win Best of Breed! 


On Sunday morning, we had a bit of a rain delay, but it cleared and the overcast day actually made it perfect weather for coursing.  And once again...our girls FLEW around the course and we had a repeat of Saturday!  Khaleesi earned another 5 point major and Best of Breed win and Diva was second for 3 more points!  It's so much fun to watch these guys run....they love the chase so much!  A great start to our fall season, for sure, especially catching up with old friends and making some new ones! if the day couldn't get any better....I get a phone call from my friend, Liz Mask, who is Selena's mom.  She told me she took Selena to HER first coursing event Sunday morning and she also got her Qualifying Certification and went on to compete in the trial.  She not only smoked it...she won the Open class for a 3 point major and then, she, too, went on to win Best of Breed!!!  Selena and Khaleesi are littermate sisters, so.......WOW!!!  We're on MORE than Cloud 9!!  Our girls ROCK!!


Rising Star....SELENA!

June 29th, Sandusky, Ohio .....   Beautiful Selena won Best of Breed over Specials on the previous Wednesday, and today she did it again...and FINISHES her championship with her third major -  4 points!  She is now CH Highland Rim's Eilidth by Kengali,  the first from our Jami x Skipper litter to finish  AND our 4th New Champion this year!  Hopefully her brother, Legend, and sister, Khaleesi, won't be far behind!  We're very proud of her accomplishments at this young age - her mom, Liz Mask, has done a wonderful job with her training, and we look forward to seeing her out as a Specials!  Many thanks to her handlers, Rhanda and Nancy, and the judges who awarded her the wins!  Show picture to follow, soon, we hope!!

Diva Shines!

Our little darlin' Diva had a great weekend in Orlando!  She was Winner's Bitch on Friday for 2 points and on Sunday was Best of Winners and Best of Opposite sex for a 4 point major!  Just needs one more major to finish her championship!  She's a lot of fun to show...but truly a handful!  A happy, happy puppy whose tail NEVER stops waggin'!  And I do mean never!  I am always thankful when she goes around the ring on all four feet....and never fails to make a huge leap in the air in front of the judge for her free stack.  Ah, well!  They do like exuberance in a young pup!!  Thanks to Judges Randy Garren and Sari Brewster Tietjin for these wins!

photo by Susanne Paskins

Cooper Wins BIG!!

In his own backyard down in Palmetto, our boy, Cooper, won a 4 point major at the St. Petersburg dog show on June 16th!  This was his second weekend in the showring, and he was shown by his owner, Lisa McElroy.  He is her first show dog and we're sooooo proud of the two of them!  Cooper is the Energizer Bunny in disguise and Lisa has her hands full with him!  He's maturing into a handsome BIG boy and will finish easily, I'm sure!  Cooper is out of our beautiful Sachi and his sire is GCH Manzanita's Trifecta, "JAX", owned by Lyn Valdivia. 

Heartland Dog Club

4/21 and 4/22 - We had another great show weekend down in Sebring, FL!  Legend was Winner's Dog both days and Best of Winners on Saturday.   Diva was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite on Saturday and Reserve Winner's on Sunday!  Very proud of these youngsters, even tho Diva thinks she's the Energizer Bunny and is a handful!  A very happy handful, I might add!!  Thanks to Judges Ann Savory Bolus and Steven Gladstone for these nice wins!

Georgia On My Mind!!

We packed our bags and headed up to Perry, GA with Chyna and Jethro in hopes of getting those elusive majors they needed to finish.  Needless to say, the reality FAR exceeded our expectations for our trip!  On Thursday, Jethro was Winner's Dog and Chyna was Best of Winners.  Nothing on Friday, but on Saturday, Chyna was Winner's Bitch, winning her second major and finishing her championship!!  On Sunday, it was Jethro's turn!  He was Best of Winners, winning his last major, needing one more point to finish.  Chyna earned her first points and a major towards her Grand Championship, as well.  Last, but certainly not of our puppies, Khaleesi, who is owned and loved by Alex Thomas, was Best in Sweeps that morning!

We also had a great time after showing!  We took the dogs out to the field to test their herding instinct ability, which was a hoot!  Chyna doll wanted nothing...and I mean NOTHING!! do with chasing some sheep around a pen!  She couldn't wait to get out of there, despite all my efforts.  She failed her test miserably.....I, on the other hand, got a thumb's up for a job well done!  Jethro did GREAT on his test, showing everyone that with training, he could do a pretty handy job of getting the sheep from one pen to another and proudly has his Herding Instinct Certification!  Our friend, Liz Mask's, three girls - Salome, Naiomi and Selena - ALL excelled, as well, and earned their HIC titles.  And again, last, but not least, our little puppy, Sienna, who is owned and loved by Sharon Turner, also proved to have high herding instinct and earned her HIC certificate! 

We had an awesome time, all in all - made some great new friends, discovered there's a LOT to love about Perry...can we say AWESOME FOOD!!....and beautiful parks to take the dogs for runs.  Special thanks to Sharon Turner for handling Chyna to her championship and to judges Keke Kahn, Lisa Warren and Robert Frost for recognizing the quality of these two beautiful dogs!!

BIF CH Kengali's Sweet Chyld 'O Myne, Too   "CHYNA"


This weekend our shows were up in the Jacksonville area and it was Legend and Diva's turn to party!  Our Maile girl and her parents, Paul and Susanne, also came down for the shows and Maile earned her first Grand Champion points, going Select on Saturday and Best of Opposite on Sunday!  The girl is on a roll!!

No points for us on Saturday, but Legend won Best of Winners on Sunday - a really nice Easter present!!  Diva is still very much a happy happy puppy, but her turn is coming soon!

Up in Birmingham, AL, Legend's sister, Selena, was showing and she was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite on Saturday, so her mom, Liz, and I are thrilled with that! 

A GREAT weekend, all in all!!!  HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!

Thanks to Susanne Paskins for the great photos below!!


March 24th and 25th 

Sunshine Coursing Club of Central Florida held our first AKC trials of 2012 this weekend at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala.  We had a nice turnout, especially for Ridgebacks!  We had six dogs competing in the Open classes and two Specials both days.  Our girls, Chyna and Deja, were the ones who got to go this weekend.  On Saturday, our friends' girl, Bindi, won the Open class for a 3 point major!!  Way to go, Bindi!!  She's well on her way to her FC title now!!  Chyna came is second and added a point to her bid for her FC title.  Deja ran her heart out as well, coming in third.

On Sunday....THIS was Chyna's day!  She was in it to win it and did she ever!!  She not only won the Open Class and then went on to win Best of Breed....she ran against some great dogs for Best in Field....and WON!!!  She earned a 5 point major for her efforts and is now halfway to her Field Champion title, too!


Sunday, March 18th
Louisville Kennel Club

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that today in Louiseville, KY, our beautiful Maile girl finished her championship with back to back majors!  She is owned and, ADORED!, by Susanne and Paul Paskins and Tammy Lynch.  She has been owner handled the whole way by Paul and Tammy, who did an excellent job with her this weekend.  She is the 4th pup from our Sachi and Spirit litter to finish! 



February Strawberry Cluster!! WOW!

February 17, 18 and 20th - Lakeland, FL

Another awesome weekend for our dogs at the Strawberry Cluster!  We were able to attend 3 of the 4 days and had the honor of winning Winners Dog and Winners Bitch all three days!

On Friday and Saturday, our Charm boy was Best of Winners, winning his first AKC points.  Maile, Jethro's sister who is owned and loved by Susanne and Paul Paskins, was Winners Bitch both days.  She's definitely coming in to her own now and it won't be long before she earns her Championship!

Monday was Mischa's day and we're thrilled to announce she is a NEW CHAMPION!!   She is now CH FM'S MYSTIC SPIRIT OF KENGALI!  You go, girl!!!  Today was Legend's day to show and he was Best of Winners, adding another point to his record.

SO PROUD of all of them!!!  Definitely well deserved wins! 

On a Roll!

January 28th and 29th - Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association

What a great weekend our Legend boy had!  Best of Winners on Saturday and Winners Dog on Sunday.  He's off to a great start and definitely living up to his name!  Thanks to judges June Penta and Karen Wilson for these awards!



On our trip to NYC last February, as my friend, Denise and I were waiting to check in to our hotel, we were approached by a rep from National Geographic and asked to participate in a photo shoot for the February 2012 issue, the subject being "THE ABCs OF DNA" in dogs.  We said "SURE!" and soon, Esme and Denise and Matt's girl, Bindi, were in front of the camera being total glamour girls, enjoying the spotlight and attention.  We pretty much forgot about the whole thing until today when copies of the magazine showed up in our mailboxes.  Of course, this has totally gone to Esme's head!  Now that she's "published" she's fully expecting steak for dinner every night!!  I'm sure Bindi is doing the same!   

Be sure and pick up your copy - it's a great story about the development of the different breeds of dogs over the years and how the genetic of dogs has helped scientists to better understand human genetics and disease.


Bindi and Esme
photo by Robert Clark, National Geographic

Spotlight on MBALI!!

January 15, 2012 * Tampa Bay Kennel Club

We're celebrating our first champion of the new year - MBALI!

Today our beautiful young girl, Mbali, finished her championship in style, and is the third pup from our Sachi/Spirit litter to do so.  Her co-owners, Annika and Scott Caldwell and I are sooooo proud of her!  She is one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet...but then, so are her parents and brothers and sisters.  We thank our judge today, Mrs. Patti Neale, for awarding her this well-deserved win. 
On to the coursing field for her now!!

Denise Eberhard photo


January 8, 2012 - Greater Daytona Dog Fancier's Association

Kengali's Captain's Last Command...."LEGEND"

We started the year out in great style with Legend winning his first point today!  Thanks to our judge, Mrs. Michelle Billings, who had great things to say about him.  I'm sure we're going to have a lot of show fun with him in the upcoming months!

Thanks to Denise Eberhard for show photos below!

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