Our youngster, Atticus, aka Kengali's Worth the Wait, is rocking the show world these days!  This handsome 8 mos. old won back to back Majors in his home state of Texas, going Best of Breed from the classes over  6 Specials on November 30th and December 1st!  Thanks to judges Gloria Geringer and Joe Walton for these wonderful wins!  Huge thanks to his talented handler, Sue Cassel, and owners, Sandra and Al Alverson, for not being afraid to reach for the stars with this young boy!  He has MANY great things ahead of him!  Atticus is a son of Jami and Jethro and is totally living up to his designer genes. 
11/15/13 - Ygritte wins Best of Winners and Best of Breed Owner Handler...and then we go on to win a Group 3 Owner Handler award!  That was a fistful of ribbons!!!
On October 27th, Jethro and Diva earned their International Champion titles in style!  Jethro won Best of Breed in all three shows they competed in, as well as two Group 1s and a Group 3 and then three Group 1s in Best Bred by Exhibitor competition.  Sweet!!!!


11/9/13 - Legend begins his career as a Specials, handled by my friend, Matt Coughlin...and he's off to a GREAT start!  He and Matt won Best of Breed on Saturday; his first time in the show ring since he finished back in January and Matt's first time handling him!  On Sunday, they won Select, so he has two major wins in his first weekend out!  WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!  The two of them looked great together....despite Legend constantly looking for ME!  He'll grow to love Matt soon enough, I'm sure.  Exciting times ahead including Eukanuba in December!


Sunday, September 29th.....our little Ygritte wins a 3 point major at the Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Association show!!  At just a little over 6 months old, she's already strutting her stuff and turning heads!  There's no such thing as a stranger in her world, her tail wags constantly and she's loving all the excitement of going to a show. Gotta love that!!!  More great fun in store for her, I'm sure! 

Also....not to be outdone....after finishing her championship the weekend before, Gemma won Best of Opposite Sex both days this weekend, earning two major wins and 8 points towards her Grand Champion title!  Not bad for a now 11 mos old girl!

Yep!  We're HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY here on the farm!

          YGRITTE                                                        GEMMA


Today, 9/22/13, in Deland my sweet baby girl, Gemma, became a NEW CHAMPION at just 10 1/2 mos!  It seems like it was just yesterday that she looked like this picture above!  She finished in style with 4 major wins, beautifully handled by Sharon Turner.  What a great team they make!  Now, when she turns a year old, we'll see if she can take that same enthusiasm to the coursing field like her momma!


Best of Breed in Biloxi!

Our dogs had an AWESOME weekend in Biloxi, MS, this first weekend in September! Our handsome boy, Charm, won Winner's Dog, Best of Winners AND Best of Breed on Thursday and our youngster, Gemma, was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex!  These wins were over some really nice specials, including our own Selena who was there, as well.  This gave both Charm and Gemma a 5 point major!  NICE!  On Saturday, they both won again, but no crossover major for Charm - he got 2 points and Gemma, as Best of Winners won a 4 point major!  Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, Winners Dog for Charm, and Best of Winners and a third major win for  Gemma!  She is only 10 months old!  I couldn't be more proud of her!  I'm sure we'll be announcing both of their championships soon! 

CHARM                      GEMMA



Getting ready to start Legend's fall campaign as a Specials!  Working towards his Grand Champion title!


WOWSER!  Not only did Rhianna finish her championship this summer...she also earned her GRAND Championship!  Way to go, Sharon and Rhianna!  Watch for her in the show ring this fall as she starts her career as a Specials!

The Dog Days of Summer.....Oh, YEAH!!

We've had another exciting month here this summer!  TWO more new champions to add to the roster!  First, up in Illinois, the very handsome, Jafari, finished his championship in style, expertly handled by Sarah and Corey Krickberg!  He is now CH Kengali's Jafari Arjani and is owned and loved by Mary Michael Booth.

Then, this weekend in Atlanta, Sharon Turner finished her beautiful girl, Rhianna who is now CH Kengali's Fire to the Rain.  She went on to win Select on Sunday, earning a 5 point major towards her Grand Championship!  Rhianna is also Jethro's first champion and that makes it even more exciting!!

Way to go, Jafari and Rhianna!  So very proud of these two youngsters!!!  Pictures to follow when we get them!!

Meanwhile.....back on the farm....we have a pond again!  The pups are sure enjoying it, too!  The love being able to cool off on a hot summer day, for sure.


We're CELEBRATING TONITE!!  Today in Kenner, LA, our big beautiful boy, Cooper, finished his championship!   He was also Winner's Dog on Thursday and just needed two more points to finish.  Thanks to Arvind deBraganca for taking such good care of the big boy and taking him all the way to this award!  His mom, Lisa, and I are thrilled! 


Our Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club held a ridgebacks only ASFA field trial on July 28th and we had a great turnout for a summer run!  We had 8 dogs competing in the Open class and 2 field champions - great competition!  The weather was perfect - overcast with a bit of a breeze, so it turned out to be a perfect day for the dogs.  It was our Diva's day to shine!!!   She was up to her usual great running form and ended up in First place which gave her the needed points to finish her ASFA Field Champion title!  HOORAY FOR DIVA!!!    Chyna almost came in the needed 4th place, which would have given her enough points to finish, but she'll need to try again come September!  Little Ygritte came along for the fun, as well, and as you can see from the pictures below....she also had a great time and made more new friends.  She also seems to think there might be some fun, after all, in chasing that white plastic bunny!  Not bad for a 4 1/2 month old pup!




Making a splash on the show scene up north, is our beautiful girl, Selena....BIF GCH Highland Rim's Eilidth by Kengali!  Selena and her handlers, Sarah and Corey Krickeberg are wowing folks everywhere and her mom, Liz Mask, and I are so happy with their success!  Selena is from our Jami and Skipper - CH Westwood Captain in Command litter, and is a littermate to Legend and Khaleesi.  Not only is she doing great in the show ring, she excels out on the coursing field, including a Best in Field win already!  We're sure more great things are in store for this beautiful girl!


Rhianna's Rockin'!!

And then it was Rhianna's turn!   After just turning 1 year old, on July 13th and 14th in West Palm Beach, she earned back to back 4 point majors AND Best of Opposite Sec over Specials!  With very limited showing, this girl and her mom, Sharon Turner, are turning heads in the show ring and it won't be long before we add CHAMPION to her name!  Rhianna is Kengali's Fire to the Rain, daugher of Jami and Jethro. 

It's all about Cooper!

Cooper's grand tour with his handler, Arvind deBraganca, ended with a BANG up in Virginia!  On June 28th and 29th, he earned two more back to back 4 point majors and is just a 3 points away from his championship!  Lisa and I are thrilled and are looking forward to more great success with this big, strapping boy!

Sachi's ROM Award!

I'm so proud to announce our beautiful girl, Sachi, CH Kengali's Caribbean Soul has earned her Register of Merit award in 2012.  To receive this award, the girls must produce 5 champions and Sachi easily achieved this in her first litter when she was bred to Spirit, MBIS BISS GCh Adili's American Idol!  We are ever grateful to our fantastic puppy owners and to Spirit's owners, Tammy Lynch and Kiki Courtelis for helping to make this dream a reality!  This is her ad in the recent issue of the Ridgeback Register, with pictures of her and her champions, Jethro, Mbali, Tobias, Isis and Maile:


2/3/13 - Had a great day coursing with my girls!  Khaleesi, Chyna, Diva and Deja and the four puppies all loaded up early Sunday morning and off we headed to Brooksville for GOGLCA's first coursing event of the new year.
It was a GORGEOUS perfect day!  Sun was out, there was a nice cool breeze and great fun visiting with friends, old and new.  I went there fully expecting Khaleesi to run her usual speed demon race...but she wasn't up to to her usual self!  And neither was Chyna Doll!  Turns out it was Diva's day to smoke the track, followed closely by Deja!  At the end of the day, it was Diva who not only was the top scoring hound, she also won Best of Breed for the day.  She was followed by Deja in second place, Khaleesi in third and Chyna in 4th.  All four girls earned points towards their ASFA championship, so a VERY good day, indeed!  The four puppies - Jake, Gemma, Elena and Holly - all show promise as future coursers, too!  They got to play with the lure a little bit, chasing the "bunny" for about 15 feet  - good practice for the wee wuns!  They got plenty of attention from everyone else at the meet and at the end of the day were very tired puppies.  And we all know a tired puppy is  a good puppy!  We ALL slept good last nite!

We had another awesome weekend of coursing on Feb. 9th and 10th!  Our Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club held it's first ASFA coursing trial up in High Springs and what a WONDERFUL weekend it was!  The weather was picture perfect....70 degrees, light breeze, sunny....couldn't ask for anything better!  Took the same crew with me again, and while not the top winners of the day, Diva managed to score points on Saturday and Chyna, Khaleesi and Deja scored on Sunday!   The pups also enjoyed another great weekend out and had another chance to prove they should, indeed, be future fabulous bunny chasers! 

Sienna & Sharon!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sharon Turner and her beautiful girl, SIENNA, who finished today, January 31st, in Atlanta at just 14 mos. old!  Like her big sister, Diva, Sienna is a happy happy girl and loves strutting her stuff in the ring - I'm very proud of their accomplishments!!!  She is now CH Kengali's Dancing in the Rain!  
  Maybe now I can talk her mom in to getting her out on the coursing field!  I know she'd love it like her big sister, Diva, does!



2013 started off with a BANG with our handsome boy, LEGEND, finishing his championship in Ocala on January 19th!  He not only won Winners Dog, he was selected as Best of Opposite sex over several nationally ranked specials.  VERY PROUD of this young boy!  Now it's on to his Grand Championship! 

Also the same weekend, Sharon Turner's young girl, Sienna, "Kengali's Dancing in the Rain", picked up both of her majors and just needs 4 more points for her championship! They're a great team and doing us proud!

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