2020.  What a year!  WHO KNEW it would be the beginning of changes so vast to our daily lives!!  In my world, Corona virus was something we used to vaccinate dogs for!  Now the world is desperately seeking a cure for people all over!  Masks...that used to be a symbol for criminals are now required for everyday use by all people.  No more group gatherings.  No more sports events.  No more dog shows!  Everything is virtual!  WHO KNEW?!

The virus seemed to slow down thru summer and rules relaxed somewhat...but now that fall and flu season is upon us, we're being warned about upsurges everywhere.  Still, we are starting to have dog shows again here in Florida.  

During this time, we've spent it mostly here on the farm, getting a lot of projects done.  We've had a LOT of rain, so the dogs are having a blast playing in the pond, hanging with the horse and just hanging out in general!!