Our First Week!

"I can't get that little Red-Haired girl out of my mind, Charlie Brown!"
- Charles M. Schultz

Wednesday, March 4th began with a beautiful rosy sunrise...and Ginger decided TODAY is the day!  Kathleen knew she had quite a few pups in there and by late that afternoon, she had 9 gorgeous pups!  7 boys and 2 girls!  BUT!  She wasn't quite finished!  The last two girls took their sweet time in making their appearance, but finally they did!  11 beautiful redheads - 7 boys and 4 girls!!  Ginger is a wonderful momma and helped by Kathleen and her daughter, Kailey, the pups are thriving and gaining weight daily!

Their dew claws were removed on day 4 and they had a great first vet check up!  ALL GOOD!!

In keeping with the Red Hair theme - here they are:

The Boys - Prince Harry - green, Axl Rose - gray, Robert Redford - blue, Willie Nelson - black, Ed Sheeran - purple, Damien Lewis - light blue and the list wouldn't be complete without ELMO - red!!

The Girls - Reba McIntyre - orange, Lucille Ball - yellow, Adele - pink and Julianne Moore - lavender

Keep your eyes open for their weekly updates! 

Click on thumbnails to enlarge pics!


Week 2!

"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair!"
 - L.M. Montgomery


Our little redheads are 2 weeks old now and absolutely thriving!  Kathleen and Kailey are doing a great job of helping Ginger with feeding and it shows!  Most of our new pictures show them in milk comas!!  Not a bad place to be when you're a two week old pup!!   They have collars on now so you can start identifying who's who!  Their eyes are starting to open now and soon their ears will, as well.  Then the feeble attempts at barking and growling start!!  SUCH FUN!!!  They are already get a LOT of attention and handling, so you know these pups are going to be fearless and outgoing,  with not one shy duck in the bunch!!

Almost 4 Weeks!

With the Corona virus thing going on, we're all sticking pretty darn close to home these days!  I haven't gone to visit these pups yet, but Kathleen and Kailey are doing a GREAT job with them!  The pups are now getting daily outings outside, are eating some great meals - discovering puppychow is GOOD!, and getting LOTS of snuggles!  Ginger sure appreciates the help!!

Once your pup comes home, you need to work on your pup mastering it's surroundings!  Introduce your pup to as many new situations that you can!  Yes, we still have challenging days and weeks ahead of us, but be creative!  Find new surfaces with  different textures for your pup to walk on.  Go online to the AKC website and view some of their training videos to help you since puppy classes are out of the question for awhile.  Have fun with it!


FIVE weeks now! Almost!

The Redheads are coming!  The Redheads are coming!!  

Yes!  Kailey and Kathleen brought the pups out to the farm to visit on Saturday so I could get a good look at them!  What a beautiful litter of puppies!  Every one has a picture perfect ridge!  No overbites!  No dermoid sinus! and ALL have super sweet temperaments!  As soon as I sat down on the ground, they all piled into my lap for snuggles!  We practiced social distancing properly as Kailey helped with picture taking and both told me all of the fun things they've been doing with the pups to prepare them for their new adventures ahead.  They've done an AWESOME job!!!  These pups are well prepared for their new families, without a doubt!