Ginger's Bullet Proof Pups!


Ginger is another of our sweet girls who is co-owned with friends, Caroline and Brian Gay.  She's a Charm x Tori daughter who totally lives up to her parents and their wonderful temperaments!  Ginger was shown to her championship in no time at all by Arvind, who does an awesome job with a lot of our show pups.  This spring Caroline and Brian thought they would like to breed her and we decided that Bono was the perfect boy for her.  June 23rd was her BIG day!  She easily had a beautiful litter of 9 pups, 5 males and 4 females all with picture perfect show quality ridges.  Being new to the Game of Life, Aunties Ygritte and Arya were right there to help her thru her labor!  They gave her confidence, support and a lot of cleaning of the newborns.  She has fast become a wonderful momma, caring for her pups, feeding them and keeping them clean as  a whistle!

Caroline shared their story of coming up with the litter theme - Ginger's Bullet Proof Pups! 

In the last six weeks, Ginger has been given more freedom when Caroline and Brian are away from home and has been really good outside of her crate!  One day, tho, she apparently got a little restless and found a box of Brian's shotgun shells and chewed some of them up!  Thankfully, she was okay from this escapade and they started calling her pregnancy bullet proof!  Continuing with this they are:

The Boys:  Gunner, Buck Shot, Winchester, Tommy Gun, Cliffy Clip - "stand your ground hound", named in honor of Caroline's Dad who always loved dogs, old fashion guns and justice!

The Girls:  Shotgun Shells Shelby, Caliber Katie, Pistol Pennie and Magazine Maggie

Our First Week!

Not only new to the great wide world and snuggling with Mama, they've had a lot of "firsts" this week!  The pups have had their dew claws removed, have had their first toenail dremeling, are having their daily stimulation exercises and more pictures taken!  Busy, busy, busy little bees!!  Too bad they don't understand it all!!  All they know is they eats, they sleeps, they eats, they sleeps...and they eats some more!  Oh...and then there's the peeing and pooping, but Mama Ginger takes care of all that!  Did you know that newborn pups can't "go" all by themselves?  It's up to Mama to lick them to stimulate the action, otherwise they'd be crying in pain when "stuff" built up inside!  Ginger does a GREAT job of this, so no worries there!!

They now have collars on this week so we can all start to identify who's who!

The boys:  Gunner - black/white, Buck Shot - tan/brown, Winchester - blue/white, Tommy Gun - aqua, Cliffy Clip - red/white/blue.

The girls:  Caliber Katie - pink/blue, Magazine Maggie - orange, Shotgun Shells Shelby - yellow, Pistol Penny - orange/green

Week 2!

The pups second week was very typical - eating, sleeping.....GROWING!  They are now almost 3 lbs each!  Ginger has really good milk and it shows!  Their eyes and ears are slowing starting to open now and oh, boy...they have found their voices!!  Time to move them out of my bedroom and downstairs into the dog room so I can get some sleep!  They've had another toenail dremeling this week and were dewormed for the first time.  Not a whole lot of action!  That will come!