HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!Two weeks old now!

Caribbean Soul

CH Kengali's Caribbean Soul  "SACHI"

CH Kengali's Caribbean Soul "SACHI"


Our much anticipated litter from Hetty and Cam arrived right on schedule on January 28th!  Cam has long been one of my favorite Ridgebacks; he was the sire of my first bred-by champion, CH Kengali's Caribbean Soul - SACHI, who is Hetty's grandmother!  Hetty has 9 beautiful, fat pups - 6 males and 3 females.  5 of the boys have perfect show ridges, the 6th has an extra swirl on his.  2 of the girls have perfect show ridges, the third is ridgeless - a beautiful Zimbabwe Flatback!  Just watch - she'll be the prettiest pup in the litter!  They usually are!

In honor of my Sachi-momma, we'll have a Caribbean Soul theme for this litter!

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Our First Week!

Our pups have had a BUSY first week!  It's so tiring to eat.  And sleep.  And GROW!  And eat!  And sleep.  And Grow some more!!  Yep. That's about it!  Hetty is feeding these pups for all she's worth and they sure are showing it!  Nice fat little tummies that make me very happy!!

They had their dew claws removed...ouch! Some even had double rear ones...but they are not Beaucerons and those nasty things came right off! Not something we want getting caught and torn while running in the fields when they're older!  They're almost all healed up now, so no worries!

Today they got to go outside for about 10 minutes to have this week's pictures taken.  It was a beautiful, sunny and WARM day here in Florida - perfect for a first outing!

They also have their names now! 

The boys are Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Tropical Dream, Jamaica Mistaica, Son of a Son of a Sailor and Havana Day Dreamin'!

The girls are You Had Me At Aloha, Last Mango in Paris and
Blu Skye!

Week 2!

Our pups have had a great second week - have doubled in size and are beginning to get a really good look at the world!  Yes!  Their eyes and ears are starting to open...and they're also finding their voices!  Not much more than squeaks at this point...but that will change!   Hetty continues to be a fantastic momma - feeding and cleaning them and happily letting people come to meet them!

I DID find I had made just a bit of a mistake!  Turns out we have SEVEN boys and TWO girls....not 6 and 3!  Don't know how that happened....I'm gonna blame it on my new glasses!!  Yeah!   That's it!  New glasses!   

The pups now have collars so you can start to tell them apart.  Blu Skyy, being ridgeless, doesn't have a collar and Aloha is in pink!  For the boys - Breeze is red, Salty is gray, Dream is green, Jamaica is blue, Havana is rainbow, Sailor is blue/white and Mango is brown/tan.

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