Spring Has Sprung!!!

















Our gardens are really blooming now!!   In addition to these beautiful flowers pictured above, Mattie Ross's little buds arrived in style and right on schedule on March 12th! 

Bono is the proud papa!

We have 2 handsome boys - Plumbago and Shamrock and 6 beautiful girls - Petunia, Viola, Anenome, Wisteria, Amyrillis and Daffodil!  These beauties will be ready for their new homes early in May when 8 weeks old.







4 Weeks!

The pups are growing like little weeds after a spring rain!  Turning into BEAUTIFUL playful  pups who are now enjoying daily romps outside and discovering the great, wide world out there!  Mattie continues to be a good, watchful  momma, but the pups are now eating all on their own and are getting more independent daily.  They are learning to "go" in their designated potty area of their pen, so are well on their way to housetraining.  They are used to getting their toenails clipped..another plus!  The pups also have their collars on now to help see who's who!

BOYS:  Shamrock - orange/blk and Plumbago - Camo

GIRLS:  Anenome - pink/green, Wisteria - tan, Viola - purple, Daffodil - yellow, Amyrillis - red, Petunia - pink



The pups are looking awesome!  They're enjoying their daily romps outside, exploring and having their little puppy adventures.  They're eating like little racehorses...you have to keep that energy level high!  They've had another deworming this week, toe nail clipping and are well on their way to being housetrained,too!  And their voices!  Nothing wrong with their lungs!  When they want dinner or to be let outside...they let Annie know!!

8 Weeks!!

Exciting days ahead for the pups!  8 weeks old and they are now ready to head for their new homes and life adventures!  In fact....3 have already flown the coop today before pictures were taken!  Petunia, Amyrillis, Daffodil, Wisteria and Anenome had some fun times, tho, as we took their final pictures.  ENJOY!

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