Shock 'N Awe!!!


CH SpringHope's True Grit By Kengali

September 30th dawned with a storm on the horizon!  A storm of pups!!  This was the day Mattie Ross decided it was time!  By that evening she had 9 wee pups - 4 boys and 5 girls, sired by our beloved Derba, who left for the Rainbow Bridge several years ago!  Yes!  A frozen semen litter - a pile of pupsicles!!

Mattie is a WONDERFUL momma, taking excellent care of her wee wuns.  Now, at 3 weeks old, they are fat and full and learning that there's a whole lot of world to explore out there!


The Boys:  Humberto (red collar), Lorenzo (black collar), Nestor (blue collar) and Sebastien (purple collar)

The Girls:  Erin (dark green collar), Gabrielle (lt green collar), Olga (pink collar), Imelda (orange collar) and Rebekah (yellow collar)

Stay tuned for their continued adventures!

Our wee wuns are growing FAST!!  It's amazing how much they change from week to week....and it's hard to believe they are 5 weeks old already!  In another week they'll be joining us here at the Ridgeback Ranch and getting to know a whole new bunch of buddies!  These are some BIG puppies!  Between Annie and Mattie Ross, they sure aren't missing any meals!  On our visit Sunday, they had their toenails dremeled, were given a thorough check up and had some great outdoor adventures!  Annie's younster, Bunny, who is 18 mos old is the PERFECT puppy sitter!  Just loves laying around, checking on them, telling them "You can be my friend" , "and you, too" and "you and I will play together"....she's just too cute!!  Looking forward to when she has her own pups in a couple more years!

The pups personalities are starting to blossom now!  They're eager about exploring new territory, inquisitive and energetic!  And then they love to snuggle when the time comes to rest a bit!  

SO EXCITING to see Derba in these beautiful babies!!!

Seven...yes, SEVEN weeks!

The pups have had a big change this week!  They are now here on the farm, joining the rest of the gang!  It's not a whole lot of change, tho, since they get to see and hear most of the same things at Annie's home!  Tractor and truck noises, horses, chickens, other dogs and people visiting them...what fun!  Now that they're here, we'll start making decisions on which pup goes to each family.  They have their final vet visit this coming Thursday and then the BIG life adventures will start!