Nina & Oberon !


Here in sunny Deland, FL, Saturday, March 2nd was the day for the annual  Mardi Paws Dog Parade - a fun filled day for dogs and people alike!  As members of the West Volusia Kennel Club, Nina's family - Mark and Cathy Driggers and I were so excited to be in the parade again!  This year's theme was Super Heros and our club was doing Everyday Heros.  I had Bono and Charm all set up and the three of us were doing a MASH theme - Bono was Hawkeye, Charm was Corporal Klinger and I was Hot Lips...too funny!!! 

Alas....Nina changed our plans!!  At 11:30pm Friday nite, out popped our first puppy!  I called Cathy and Mark and they came over and soon Nina was popping out puppies like a pro!  I sent them home around 3:00am, because they DID need to go and participate in the parade.  By 8:30 she was finished and had 12 beautiful, picture perfect puppies - 7 males and 5 females!  Like her own mother, Nina is a wonderful momma and is handling this huge litter with ease!  So much for a  parade day for me....but babysitting puppies is the BEST!!

We have decided on a Super Hero theme for the litter,
 here they are, with their collar colors:

The Boys:  J'onn J'onzz (tan/brown), Captain America (blue), Mr. Fantastic (rainbow), Wolverine (red), Hawkeye (brown), Kaine (blue/white)  and Thor (lite blue)

The Girls:  Raven (yellow), Zatanna (pink), Starfire (white), Huntress (orange) and Troia (green)



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Our First Week!


Our first week has been SUPER, too! 

Pups are eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping...gaining weight and strength so they grow up big and strong!  They have started their daily SUPER PUPPY exercises to help them cope with all the stresses of life.  They took having their dewclaws removed like the little Champs that they are!  Last, they now have grown big enough to wear their little collars so you can start telling who's who!

Nina continues to be an ever vigilant mom, keeping them clean as a whistle and separating them into two piles so everyone has their fair turn at the milk bar!

Week Two!

The pups had a pretty exciting second week....altho they probably didn't know anything was going on!  Mark & Cathy returned from their National Specialty show and were excited to bring Nina and the Superheros home with them!

They're all settled in and getting LOTS of attention from Brittany, who helps Cathy and Mark out, and their grandkids.

Nina is a super mom - is doing an absolutely wonderful job of feeding her wee wuns and keeping them SUPER clean!

They've had their first toenail dremeling, too, which is a weekly event for them to help get them used to this  by the time they leave for their new homes.  Making life easier for their new owners!!

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