Spring Fever!

In the wee hours of Monday morning, 2:30, I woke up to hearing the familiar "slurp-slurp" of a new pup being born!  When we went to bed that evening, Reine Marie wasn't showing any real signs that labor was imminent!  She had been a lot more uncomfortable the last couple of days and I knew the time was coming...much to both of our relief!  She had been SO huge, it was making ME uncomfortable!  She was sleeping on the sofa upstairs, so I picked up her pup and she ran ahead of me downstairs, right to her whelping box!  SMART girl!!  By 5 a.m. we had 5 beautiful pups and by noon she was done!  We have 11!  5 males and 6 females, all with beautiful ridges!  Mom and pups are doing great and they have almost doubled their weight since birth.

We are celebrating with an awakening of Spring litter theme!

The boys:  Asher - purple collar, Hunter - brown/tan, Peep - black/white, Robin - red and Chick - aqua

The girls:  Sunny - yellow collar, Ivy - green, Petunia - pink, Spring - rainbow, Daisy - orange and Primrose - pink/blue

Here they are!  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge!

Our Second Week!

Mom and pups are doing GREAT!  Reine Marie is a WONDERFUL momma and is so loving and caring.  No surprise to me - she is such a sweet, wonderful girl!  The pups are nice and chubby and spend most of their days in a milk coma.  Their eyes are just starting to open and I hear an occasional "squeak" out of them as they try to find their voices.  They have their daily stimulation exercises and have had their first toenail dremmeling.  All good in their world!

Also - the pups now have collars on - see above for "who's who"!!

4 Weeks!

Hard to believe the pups are 4 weeks old already...time sure flies!!  They ARE starting to look like real little Ridgeback pups now, so cuter by the day!  This week they've started to spend some time outside in their puppy pen and some ventures into the back yard.  They're still not used to the bright sun, so look a little squinty eyed in the new pics!  AND you'll notice the big drops of milk on some of them...had a little snack with Momma when they first went out!  I'm finally getting them to eat their puppychow....after locking mom up all night so she can't feed them constantly.  Reine Marie is SUCH a good momma!  Just wants to be with her puppies all the time.  Woke me up at 3am today, crying and whining, because she couldn't get in with them.  So I caved in and let her go....and then they weren't too hungry for breakfast!  Yep...she has me trained well!!

During this next week we'll see a HUGE difference as weaning continues and they get better at eating puppychow.  They'll definitely fill out more!  They are getting much more animated at this stage; playing with each other, running around, BARKING....great fun is being had!!  

Enjoy these latest pics and thanks for your patience!  We won't be making any decisions on who gets which pup until they're 6-7 weeks old and I can give a better description of each one.

5 Weeks!

Our little petunias are 5 weeks old now and growing by the day!  They are now eating like little racehorses and getting the Clean Plate Award at every meal!  YAY!  Reine Marie is VERY grateful!  They are also spending their days outside now, playing in their pen or out roaming around the back yard looking for whatever they can get into.  Fences are up around the flowers so they don't get destroyed!  TEETH!  YES!  They have them!  VERY SHARP TEETH!!!  Using them on each other, too, with lots of wrassling and rolling around going on!  Bijoux continues to monitor them, teaching them life lessons and being the best puppy sitter.  They've had their toenails dremeled again this week and another de-worming.

They are all looking really good!  Every one has a beautiful ridge, no dermoid sinus, no overbites.  Chick, the aqua blue boy, does have a kink at the top of his tail.  Not really surprised...it's called fetal malpositioning.  He was one of the last ones born in a VERY crowded room!  Reine Marie is my smallest Ridgeback and 11 pups was a whole lot for her!  They all have a lot of personality - are outgoing and friendly, and love to snuggle and give kisses!  Yummy puppies!!