ShaKoon & Finn's Christmas Stars

ShaKoon delivered her 7 pups right on schedule, right before the year's end, December 30.  A GREAT way to end 2020!!!

She has 7 gorgeous pups, 4 males and 3 females, all ridged.  As in the past, she is the most wonderful momma and keeps the pups scrupulously clean and well fed!  My dear friend, Annie, stepped up to the plate to whelp the litter for us, so the pups are being raised at her house.  They will come here to the Ridgeback Ranch when 6 weeks old!  In the meantime, Annie is devoting her time to doing their daily stimulation exercises, making sure the Queen...that would be ShaKoon!...has all the goodies and good food she needs to take good care of the pups and gets her daily exercise, too.  ALL GOOD!!  Apparently ShaKoon is really taken with Annie's Highland cows!  Something she doesn't see here!  Already the pups, at 9 days old, have MORE than doubled their weight and are little chunky monkeys!  Nice and healthy!!

In keeping with the Christmas Star they are:

The boys:  Mercury - red collar, Saturn - blue collar, Astro - black collar and Sol - yellow

The girls:  Venus - orange collar, Cassiopeia - white collar and Gaia - green collar

Stay tuned as their adventures continue.........

Week 2!

Our wee wuns are two weeks old now, have eyes wide open and are hearing things in their world now!  ShaKoon continues, as always, to be a wonderful momma and the size of these little chunkers shows that!!  Nice, chubby puppies!  They are almost finished with their stimulation exercises but will still get a LOT of daily attention and handling, no doubt!  They are also finding their voices at this age and make the most pitiful  attempts at growling and barking that you can imagine!  TOO CUTE!!!

3 Weeks!

Farm Life!

Our pups are 4 weeks old now and have made the journey to the Ranch!  Today they had their first outdoor playtime - weather is GORGEOUS!  Auntie Siba ( 13 mos old) and Uncle Denbe (16 mos old) were the best puppy sitters, enjoying playing with and hanging with them, while Momma ShaKoon observed from a safe distance!  Those puppy teeth are SHARP!!!!  She is VERY happy they're gobbling up their puppychow now!!

We have 2 light wheaten boys - Astro and Sol and one girl, Venus, also light wheaten.  The other pups are red in color.  Saturn, the blue boy, is a pet quality pup as he only has half a ridge; no fan on top part.  The red collared boy, Mercury, is also  pet quality as he  has a single swirl on his ridge.  The other 5 have picture perfect ridges and no other faults.  All have perfect bites.