ShaKoon's Spring Fling!

MARCH 6th!  Surprise, surprise!   ShaKoon was a busy little bee and has 10 beautiful, picture perfect puppies.....including 3 livernoses!!   She had been bred to Charm and I was so excited for her to be  pregnant...but once they started arriving and I saw all the little livernose pups, I KNEW!!!  Somehow I messed up and Oberon had his way with her!  Charm doesn't carry the liver gene, so there we go!  I will be  DNA testing the pups, just to be sure, but I'm betting they're all  Oberon pups!

In celebration of Spring...that truly has arrived here in Sunny Florida - these are the Spring Fling pups!

BOYS - Peep, Adelio, Bud, Denver and Kelby

GIRLS - Wisteria, Daffodil, Orchid, Spring and Blossom

Week 1

Our wee wuns have had an awesome first week!  ShaKoon is a wonderful momma, taking excellent care of them.  They are fat, healthy pups and she keeps them clean as a whistle.  My usually wild child has settled right down to care for her proud of her!  They had their dew claws removed....ouch!...and have all healed nicely from that.  They're getting plenty of loving from me, too, as well as their little daily exercises I give them.  All fun!

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