ShaKoon's Spring Fling!

Surprise, surprise!  That's sure what I had early morning on April 3rd!  ShaKoon was a busy little bee and has 12 beautiful, picture perfect puppies.....including 6 livernoses!!  GO, OBERON!!!  Yep!  He's their daddy!!  I was hoping she carried the livernose gene like her momma does, so YAY!

In celebration of Spring...that truly has arrived here in Sunny Florida - these are the Spring Fling pups!

BOYS - Hopper, Asher, Lambchop, Puddles and Robin

GIRLS - Anastasia, Aviva, Blossom, Iris, Laverna, Sunny and Odelleta

Week 1

Our wee wuns have had an awesome first week!  ShaKoon is a wonderful momma, taking excellent care of them.  They are fat, healthy pups and she keeps them clean as a whistle.  My usually wild child has settled right down to care for her proud of her!  They had their dew claws removed....ouch!...and have all healed nicely from that.  They're getting plenty of loving from me, too, as well as their little daily exercises I give them.  All fun!

Two ...and a Half Weeks!!!

Our 12 little pups are growing fast and furious!  I've started supplementing them this week with real puppychow so help them and their momma who is getting exhausted!  A dozen pups is a lot for any momma to feed by herself!  They're eyes and ears are open now and their responding to my voice...yep!  Food motivated even at this young age!  Sweet babies!!1  They've had their toenail dremeling sessions and are getting used to that now.  They've also had their first de-worming which will continue every 2 weeks until they leave.  Well on their way to being active, adventurous pups!

4 Weeks!

It's unbelievable how fast time flies!  I can't believe these pups are 4 weeks old already!  They certainly have grown and are so darn cute now!!  ShaKoon still wants to take care of them, but they are now eating their puppychow with great gusto  and are getting the Clean Plate award every meal!

They've had another toenail dremeling session this week, another de-worming and their fuzzy newborn coats have disappeared and they're getting sleek and shiny coats now!  

They are spending their days outside in their playpen with outings into the great green world!  So much to explore, it's overwhelming for them at times!  I guarantee, tho, by this time next week they'll be wanting to spend the entire day out exploring, with no time in their playpen!

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