When Gregg called me last summer saying they were ready to add a third pup to the litter....WHO KNEW we would all  be jumping Into The Fire, no holds barred!

When Henry and Karen called me a few months ago saying they were ready to breed their girl, Siena, for the first time, they had NO idea what a THRILL RIDE they were getting into!

As Evan Smoak knows, NOTHING ever comes easy.....but with a good plan and perseverance all things come to pass as they should!


Into the Fire - A THRILLER!

It began in the wee hours of Monday morning, March 2nd.  It was TIME!  Siena easily delivered 4 puppies between 2:30 and 5:30am.  She had the 5th several hours later at 10:30. Taking her own sweet time, she was!  She was quietly taking care of the 5, but we knew she still had more to come.  By 5:30pm, tho, we were starting to get very concerned and my gut kept telling me - time to head to the Vet!  She ended up having a c section for the last three pups - one had been stuck and without the section, we would have had a VERY different outcome....and quite possibly could have had some real Orphans!  Thankfully all is well and Momma and her 8 puppies are doing AWESOME!!

We would like to introduce the boys:  Evan Smoak - red collar, Tommy  Stojack - blue collar and Dog The Dog - aqua collar!

And the girls:  Joey Morales - yellow collar, Mia Hall - purple collar, Melinda Truong - burgundy collar, Candy McClure - pink collar and last, but certainly not least!  VERA 2 - orange collar!

They are off to a great start, learning that Momma is LIFE itself!  She keeps them clean as a whistle, toasty warm and fills their little bellies.  They are having their daily neurological stimulation exercises to help them get a jump start on all the crazy things life can throw at you!  We're not having any shrinking violets in this bunch!  They will certainly live up to their names!

Stay tuned for weekly updates as these pups continue to write their own stories!  Remember to click on thumbnails to enlarge the pics!




Chapter 2

"How you do anything is how you do everything!"

Training starts from the beginning and must be consistent.  It's an ongoing process throughout the life of your dog.  These wee wuns started their neurological stimulation training on Day 3; five simple exercises to help them be better able to handle the stresses they'll face in life!  Being aware of the world around them and all that it has to offer is both exciting AND full of the unknown!  The more situations we can present to our pups, the better dog they'll be!

Siena is a fantastic momma, keeping these pups well fed and clean as a whistle!  Their eyes and ears are starting to open now and pretty soon they'll be up and running circles around each other!   Henry and Karen have helped Siena a lot and are enjoying this time helping to raise a great litter of pups!  While Siena, once again, enjoys her romps outside with her buddy, Dallas, she is always eager to get back to her pups!  

Chapter 3


If ever there was a time in a non-Orphan situation that Joey was's NOW!  Karen and Henry and I are NOT the most techie of people and with the whole Corona thing, picture taking has become our nemesis!  Karen has an I phone.  I have Samsung, as does Henry.  I live out in the wilds of Florida, where we don't have cable and very limited highspeed internet.  I think you get the picture!  HUGE picture files and slower than dial up  service these days....bear with us while we work our way thru this!

The pups are doing GREAT, tho!  They are following the 3rd Commandment - MASTER YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!  They're eating puppychow now with great gusto and enjoying daily outings in our beautiful Florida weather!  Mama Siena is very grateful for the relief!  Henry just reported that their current weights are from 4 to almost 7 lbs for the bigger boys!  Yep. Evan Smoak is the tank!!  They all have super sweet personalties and having all the attention they're getting is one of the benefits for us all to be home these days!

Once your pup comes home, you will continue to work on the 3rd Commandment!  Introduce your pup to as many new situations that you can!  Yes, we still have challenging days and weeks ahead of us, but be creative!  Find new surfaces with  different textures for your pup to walk on.  Go online to the AKC website and view some of their training videos to help you since puppy classes are out of the question for awhile.  Have fun with it!