Our Stars Arrive!

Ella and Oberon's wee wuns arrived right on time, Friday, May 24th!  By Saturday morning, we had 9 beautiful pups....and it's a GIRL fest!!  8 girls and one Snoop Dogg!  So Divas they are:  Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Ciara and Pink!

Ella is a WONDERFUL momma, keeping her pups well fed and clean as a whistle!  They have had their dew claws removed and have begun their Early Stimulation exercises which will help their development a lot!  Papa Oberon looks at them as if they're little aliens...soon enough they'll be acting like real puppies and terrorizing all the adults here!!

Stay tuned for their weekly updates!  Remember to click on the thumbnails to enlarge their pictures!



Two Weeks!

Our wee pups are growing fast!  By the start of week two, they have more than doubled in size, thanks to Momma's great milk!  Their eyes are open now, altho they aren't seeing 100% yet and they are starting to make feeble attempts at getting up and walking around!  Ella continues to be a fabulous momma, keeping her pups sparkling clean and feeding them well.  Did you know that she has to lick the puppies to stimulate them to go potty?  We think "EWWWW!!!!"...but that's how, in the wild, mothers keep predators away from their dens.  No smells to indicate all the wee wuns inside!  They are almost nearing the end of their Stimulation exercises but will continue to get new things added to their daily routines, helping them adjust to all the excitement their futures will offer them!    They've had several visitors already and Ella is happy to  show off her  beautiful pups!

They now have collars on so you can tell who is who!  All except Snoop Dogg - he doesn't need a collar, being the only boy!  Katy Perry sports a blue/white collar, Lady Gaga is in red.  Selena Gomez is in yellow, Taylor Swift in white.  Demi Lovato is in pink, Stevie Nicks in green.  Fergie sports a rainbow collar and Faith Hill is in brown/white.

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