Spring Bloomin' Blossoms!

Spring and Tyrion's pups arrived a couple days early…March 2nd!  She did an awesome job of delivering 9 pups in about 5 ½ hours, 3 males and 6 females, all perfectly ridged.  She is a wonderful momma and very attentive to her new pups,leaving them long enough to run outside to potty and then right back in with them.  Can't wait to see them really BLOOM!!!   In the meantime…….

Meet the Boys: Hawthorne - black, Bramble - blue and Spirea - camo
And the Girls:  Tulip - orange, Daffodil - yellow, Magnolia -white, Hyacinth - rainbow, Azalea - pink and Anenome - green

One Week!!

The pups have had a great first week!   Spring has been feeding them…..and feeding them…and feeding them some  more!   They have more than doubled their weight this first week!  They've had their dew claws removed and are healing perfectly!  Soon their eyes and ears will be opening and then the fun really begins!

Three Weeks!

Three weeks now and this is a BIG week for the pups!  They are now eating puppychow, giving Spring a bit of a break…for which she is pretty thankful!  You can just imagine how sharp those little teeth are!  She's definitely not spending as much time with them now, giving them time to really start learning to use their legs and feet without getting all tangled up!  At this age their teeth are mostly in, eyes and ears wide open and they're losing the early puppy fuzz.  We'll have ridge pictures next week!  They are all beautiful, sweet pups, just as I knew they'd be!!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!