Lure coursing is one of our favorite things to do with our dogs!  And for the dogs who love it.....there's nothing more THEY enjoy! 
We are very lucky to have a lot of fabulous "bunny" chasers in our gang!  (The "bunny" is the white plastic bags the dogs chase!)

The dogs chase an artificial lure, in an open field and are judged by two judges, on the dogs overall ability, speed, endurance, agility, and how well they follow the lure.  Under AKC rules, the dogs can earn titles, such as Junior Courser (JC), Senior Courser (SC), and Master Courser (MC). They can also obtain a Field Championship (FC) and the title of Lure Courser Excellent (LCX).  Any Rhodesian Ridgeback over 1 year old is eligible to participate in this sport....with the exception of those dogs who are ridgeless, which is a disqualifier from competition.  Check out the AKC Events page and ASFA - American Sighthound Field Association websites for info on trials in your area!

The picture at the top of this page is of our beautiful girl, Savannah, who is now chasing bunnies at the rainbow Bridge, along with two of our other beautiful girls, Mya and Esme, who left this world all too soon!

History of Lure Coursing